About Us

Blonde, is a company that feeds on its mixture of internationally creative input. It has produced numerous Greek and international awarded feature films, covered some of the biggest events in Greece and abroad, collaborated with distinguished TV channels and has created various commercials and video content.

Blonde provides a unique synthesis of creative and production services under one banner:

superb in-house creative versatility

organisational and technical expertise

proficiency in new technologies

an exceptionally broad and flexible network of international contacts

The company’s production team includes production, event & stage managers, technical directors and operation/logistics officers who always respond with the necessary know-how transforming complex creative ideas into successfully realised tangible forms.

Blonde has brought together a team of practicing artists including creative directors, filmmakers, script writers, graphic & 3D designers, editors, visual artists, light & sound designers who thrive on channelling their creativity into Blonde’s projects.

The company counts already over 25 Greek and/or international feature films and documentaries in its resumé and has worked with internationally acclaimed filmmakers like Peter Bogdanovic, Jonathan Nossiter and Tony Gatlif.

Film has always been one of Blonde’s main passions and with its extensive experience in the film and television industry Blonde can produce any type of film and TV content covering all areas of the demanding production process.

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